Terms of service

  • 1: The contracting parties are as herein indicated. “Vendor”, exclusiveshoponline.com, AZ Distribution, Olaniyi Edward, 42 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva (CH), registered in the Geneva Commercial Registery under number CH-660-0052999-9, and “Buyer”, any individual or commercial entities wishing to make the purchase of one or more items listed on the website “exclusiveshoponline.com”.

Applicable law and change in general information

  • 2. These general terms of sale apply to all orders placed on the website exclusiveshoponline.com and are subject to Swiss law which governs all relations between the parties.
  • Vendor reserves the right to change its Terms of sale at any time but being specified that in this case the conditions applicable are those in effect at the date of order.

Products Availability

  • 3: Offers are valid as they appear on the site and within the limits of available stocks and exclusively in the countries included in the list indicated on the website.

Displaying of items

  • 4: Items offered on the website exclusiveshoponline.com are presented with the utmost accuracy to allow potential buyers to understand the articles or item and its essential characteristics (design, colour, size ...).
  • If errors of presentation due to corrupted images during electronic transcript occurred on the site, the responsibility of vendor could not be engaged.


  • 5: The prices of articles are firm and final.
  • They are expressed in Swiss francs, all taxes included.
  • The VAT 7.7 % (value added tax) is the valid at the date of the order under Swiss Law.
  • For deliveries outside Switzerland, selling prices are in Euros and US Dollars and are also expressed in taxes included with the Swiss Tax rate, VAT (7.7%).
  • The vendor reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice and without any other formality.
  • However, the ordered goods are charged at the price indicated on the website on the date of the order subject to availability on the said date.

Delivery and Shipping Fees

  • 6: The prices of items offered by Vendor excludes Shipping and delivery Fees, that is to say, without taking into account the costs of preparing, shipping, insurance and customs clearance.
  • These fees are charged as extra fee listed in the summary of the order before final confirmation by the Buyer.
  • The Shipping and delivery fees are calculated depending on the country of destination, the actual weight and volume of parcels according to and rates set by the carrier chosen by the buyer.

Checkout and electronic signature

  • 7: A guided search allows the buyer to find on the website, “exclusiveshoponline.com”, a selection of items that are offered.
  • Having made his choice, the Buyer is able to confirm his order In 3 steps:
  • The first step consists of the buyer validating the articles he selected.
  • The Vendor guarantees that items offered are actually available for delivery during validation of the order and thus make a reservation on the customers account.
  • The second step consists of the buyer to identify and provides all necessary information for the purchase.
  • This includes the following: name, delivery address, billing address.
  • At this point the buyer will be required to create an “account” identified by his email address and a password.
  • If the buyer has already placed an order on the site “exclusiveshoponline.com”, the components and identification information must have been recorded.
  • At the event of returns or re-connection to the website; a procedure of identifications will be required (entering email address and password), once connected to his account, the buyer may modify, if necessary his/her contact information.
  • The third step is in the final confirmation of the order.
  • The buyer is presented with a summary of the order, all the items selected, their total amount, the billing and shipping costs.
  • At this stage, the buyer controls the summary of his/her purchases and proceeds to changes if needed.
  • In case of changes, he will be presented with the new summary of his order which will be valid if confirm herein refers to as the first click.
  • This General information’s is then presented to the buyer for a confirmation to have read and accepts the terms and conditions applicable to the sale of all items offered on website “exclusiveshoponline.com”.
  • The buyer will then be required to confirm his purchase with the button “Place Order” which constitutes the second click.
  • These two clicks represent an electronic signature, between the parties and has the same value as an handwritten signature.
  • Following this second click, the customer is directed to the secure website of the Payment Service Provider of the Vendor to make payment.
  • When his PSP partner has confirmed the payment, an e-mail for a confirmation of the payment is send to the buyer.

Payment and security

  • 8: Payment is exclusively online and by credit card on the secure website of the Payment Service Provider as indicated on the website using VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERARD and POSTCARD.
  • If payment is made with VISA and MASTERCARD or EUROCARD, the buyer, must give the Card number, Expiring date and the Security code (last three numbers on the back of the card).
  • The coordinates of all Credit Cards are transmitted unscripted over the network and payments are made directly to the bank of the Vendor.
  • The Vendor does not have access to the details or coordinates of the buyer’s Credit card.
  • This is the reason why they are request for each new transaction.
  • The card/account of the buyer is debited at the start of delivery for the total value of his/her order (Article 5 and 6).
  • It is recalled that for all deliveries outside the Switzerland, the customs charges and others additional cost are borne by the buyer to which it is advisable to check in advance with customs authorities of its respective countries of delivery.

Prints and Proofs

  • 9: The Vendor advises the buyer to print all documents related to any transaction made on the website exclusiveshoponline.com

Shipping and Delivery Time

  • 10: Items are shipped by Swiss Postal service or other carrier selected by buyer (from the list offered on the website).
  • Please allow deliveries between 3 to 5 working days in Switzerland and 7 to 14 working days abroad depending on the country of destination.
  • These deliveries times are estimates and are not guarantee.
  • In no event will the Vendor be held responsible for any extra days that might arise at deliveries.

Responsibility, risks and deficiencies on presentations

  • 11: In the process of selling online, the Vendor has the sole obligation to deliveries which might be subjected to defects in products delivered.
  • The vendors will not be liable in the event of viruses’ intrusions, internet interruptions or break down etc.
  • According to the Swiss Law; Article 185 (CO), Items travels at the risk of the buyer base on the fact that the profits and risks are pass to the buyer upon conclusion of the contract.
  • The buyer is obliged to control the status of items received as soon received and if discover defects which the Vendor is liable, He must notify the Vendors without any delay or at most 30 days.
  • If He/She fails to do so, the items are considered accepted under Swiss law; Article 201 (CO).

Procedure in case of defects and returns

  • 12: In case of defects or returns, the buyer shall immediately notify the seller within 30 days of the original order, returning the goods simultaneously intact and in its original packaging.
  • In an accompany letter, the buyer should specify the nature of the defects.
  • All returns and communications should be addressed to:
  • AZ DISTRIBUTION/Exclusive Shop, Olaniyi Edward
  • 42, rue de Lausanne
  • 1201 Geneva
  • The shipping or custom costs for returned items, if any, will be borne by the buyer unless the items are not delivered as ordered or are defected.
  • Reimbursement will be made on the customer's bank or according to the mode of payment used in the initial order.

Intellectual Property

  • 13: All elements on the site “exclusiveshoponline.com” is and remains the exclusive property of exclusiveshoponline.com and its partner.
  • They are not to be reproduce, use or copy for any purpose whatsoever.
  • This applies even to Virtual or Sound elements. (Copyrights Law)

Jurisdiction and applicable Law

  • 14: In the event of dispute, Geneva court will be set as place of settlements and this contract terms are subjected to Swiss law.