"exetees" High Quality T-shirts Made in Europe

AZ DISTRIBUTIONS Presents "exetees" HighQuality T-shirts Made-in-Europe.

  • Founded in January 4th 1999 has been very active in the research for quality textile products both for the retailers and the end consumers.
  • 5 years of distributions of world famous urban brands to retailers in Germany, France and in Switzerland have broadened our knowledge to understand what require an average textile consumer. (Quality and Simplicity).
  • Armed with this knowledge, the company continues its venture into retailers by opening the first EXCLUSIVE SHOP in Geneva at the end of the year 2002. 3 other stores were open later in Bern, Zurich and Winterthur.


  • All exetees products are made in Europe ( "After all Asia is not indispensable")
  • The Founder made a visit to Portugal in the year 2004 in search for quality WHITE TEES (Urban name for basic White T-shirts).
  • These WHITE TEES when imported from USA have close to 20-30% damages at unpacking thus unsatisfactory neither to the customer nor AZ Distributions.
  • "Not Just a Fucking T-Shirt" is a slogan deducted from the first discussion with a textile agent in Portugal.

"I could vividly recall the discussion as follow", said the founder.

extees : "We are in search for 100 % cotton, heavy jersey T-Shirts that will not peel nor twist after washing. They must be stable and should have less or no shrinkage at wash............ ( This is just to name a few of other cited requirements).

Textile agent : You would like to have all these treatments for just a "FUCKING T-SHIRT"?

extees : Yes, I want all this treatment since this is "NOT JUST A FUCKING T-SHIRT". It was quite an intelligent decision since all customers that bought the first "White Tees" can now boast of having few from the other 15 colors in their wardrobe.

exclusive shop online offers exetees!

  • exclusiveshoponline.com is just a way of getting closer to our valued customers and offering the services of delivery to their door without having to pay for that.
  • The quest for other quality products still continues in all our retail stores across the country and abroad. We will be glad to introduce you to wide variety of the exe t-shirts Quality collections in our stores.